About Waxdepån.

Waxdepån is a professional auto care centre in Stockholm. We recreate and prolong that wonderful feeling of a brand new car. For us it is important to give our customers the best possible service. We started in 1999 and have extensive experience in paint protection and car care. We are also proud distributors for PPS® paint sealants in Scandinavia and have around this brand created a whole series of protective treatments. We offer everything from traditional refurbishing to modern protective treatments for your car. We are proud and privileged to take care of our customers’ cars and our motto “Personal car care” is built on quality, service and durability.


We shall always carry out our services at a quality that meet or exceed customer expectations.


We always have time for our customers, answering all questions with a genuine interest and positive attitude.


Our protective treatments shall always hold up to what’s promised. We shall offer a good and sustainable working environment for our staff and we always strive to select products that are environmentally sustainable.