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Installing window tint on your car’s windows is an investment in both comfort and safety. To ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, it is beneficial to prepare both yourself and your vehicle beforehand. In this blog post, we walk you through what you should consider before you submit your car for window tinting, based on information from us at Waxdepån and general guidelines.

Choose the Right Window Tint
The first step is to select the type of window tint that suits your needs and preferences. At Waxdepån, we offer various levels of tint and can help you make the best choice. We also have samples of different film types in our customer reception area for you to examine.

Empty the Car of Luggage and the Back Seat
To allow the installer to work unobstructed, it is good practice to remove all loose items from the car’s trunk and back seat, including any child seats and dog crates.

Plan Your Time
You can drop off your car with us in the morning, and it can be picked up in the afternoon on the same day. If it suits you better, you can also submit the car in the afternoon the day before. Specific instructions on when the car will be ready for pick up will be provided at the time of booking. Note that a loaner car is included when you submit your car for window tinting with us, should you wish for one.

Points to Consider
– Reduced UV radiation & cooler car with tinted windows.
– The window tint serves as shatter-proofing in case of glass breakage.
– The tint provides both a stylish appearance and is hassle-free.
– The tint allows for more comfortable night driving due to reduced light coming in from the rear window, reducing glare from vehicles behind you.
– You get a full seven-year warranty with window tint installed by us at Waxdepån.

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