Prolong that wonderful feeling of a brand new car with PPS®

Forget rubbing, polishing and time-consuming waxing of your car. We offer you a shiny and easy-to-clean car with PPS® protective treatments. The basis of our selection is PPS® Paint Sealant, a patented paint sealant that prevents oxidation from salt, sap, UV rays, acid rain etc. When the paint oxidizes the surface will become dull and more difficult to keep clean. We also have protective treatments like PPS® Glass, PPS® Rim, PPS® Textile and PPS® Leather to further protect your car.

We always offer our PPS® Paint Sealant clients a free courtesy car.

New! Ceraseal™ – Paint treatment

Ceraseal™ is a ceramic paint treatment that makes your car Easy-2-Clean and also offers a far more durable protection than wax.

Protective Film – for the most vulnerable surfaces

For extra protection we offer a high quality Protective film that provides excellent scratch protection on your car’s most vulnerable surfaces. Learn more about our protective treatments under each tab.