Questions & Answers about Protecting Your Car's Paint

Taking care of your car’s paint is an essential part of car ownership, particularly in the Nordic climate where road salt, acid rain, and UV radiation can be especially damaging. But what does it mean to protect your car’s paint? In this blog post, we go through some of the most common questions and answers about paint protection, based on information from us at Waxdepån, with over 20 years of experience in car care and paint protection.

Why Paint Protection?

Paint protection, or sealant as it is also called, provides robust and long-lasting protection against external influences. Unlike wax, which only offers short-term protection, paint protections like PPS® Original and PPS® Ceramic offer longer durability and robustness.

Preparations and Process

Before you bring in your car for paint protection, you don’t need to wash it; we take care of that. The treatment includes thorough cleaning and sealing of the paint. If the car is used, it will also be polished to remove oxidation and scratches.

Loan Car and Time Required

A loan car is always included in the service, which is a significant advantage. For new cars, it takes one workday for PPS® Original to cure, whereas for used cars, it takes two days. For PPS® Ceramic, we need to keep the car overnight as the ceramic paint protection needs to cure.

Aftercare and Curing

After the treatment, it is essential to keep the car clean from dirt, salt, and road film. The paint protections are fully cured when you pick up your car, but you should avoid washing the car for the next few days.

Insurance and Warranty

If you happen to get a paint damage and your car is protected with PPS® Original or PPS® Ceramic, most insurance companies cover the cost of treating the repainted area. In addition, we offer generous warranties on our paint protection treatments.

In Conclusion

Protecting your car’s paint is an investment in the car’s lifespan and appearance. It is also a good idea to consider the long-term benefits, both economically and aesthetically, before you make your decision.

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