There’s one thing most car owners can agree on: scratches on the car are a horrible sight. They ruin the aesthetics of the car and can also negatively affect its value. Most of us blame parking accidents or mischievous children as the primary causes of these dreaded scratches. But would you believe if I told you that the most likely culprit is your car wash? Or even more surprisingly, your electric car’s charging cable?

The Car Wash – An Invisible Enemy

It’s a widely accepted truth that keeping your car clean is essential for maintaining the car’s appearance and lifespan. Therefore, it naturally becomes a habit for us to often drive our cars through the car wash. However, research shows that car washes can often cause small scratches on the surface of the car. These scratches might be invisible to the naked eye, but they accumulate over time and can lead to a dull and lackluster appearance of the car’s paint.

This happens because the brushes in these car washes can pick up dirt and grit from other cars and then scrape these across your car during the cleaning process. The solution? Hand wash your car or make sure to use car washes with high-pressure sprays instead of rotating brushes.

The Charging Cable – An Unexpected Culprit

For those of us who drive electric cars, another potential risk of scratches comes in an unexpected form: the charging cable. When we charge our cars at home, the charging cables can often get tossed around, dragged over the car’s surface, and in the process, cause scratches. This is especially likely if you hastily plug in or unplug the charging cable without being careful.

The solution to this problem is to be aware and careful when handling the charging cable. Try not to drag the cable across the car’s surface, and if you must, do it gently and with low force.


Scratches on the car can be more than just a cosmetic inconvenience – they can also affect the car’s value and lifespan. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the most common sources of scratches and to take measures to prevent them. Keep your car clean, but do it gently, and treat your charging cable with care. Your future self – and your car – will thank you!

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