More than just paint protection

PPS® Ceramic is the latest in ceramic paint protection and specially developed for our demanding Nordic climate. A modern long-term paint protection system that can withstand degreasing and all available car cleaning products in the consumer market. You can even wash your car in an automatic car wash if you prefer. PPS® Ceramic gives the paint a hard surface with a deeper shine and lustre and significantly increased resistance to oxidation as well as superficial scratches. This treatment is also our most effective Easy to Clean treatment! Great for keeping your car in perfect condition without spending hours cleaning it.

This is how PPS® Ceramic works

The paint sealant PPS® Ceramic is applied in multiple steps. The base consists of a layer that fills pores and other irregularities. After the base layer is cured properly, we add a second layer on top of the first one. This treatment forms a 3-dimensional ceramic structure that provides a very hard yet flexible protective coating based on SIO2 (silica). The surface layer protects painted surfaces and plastic parts against external strain such as UV-rays and oxidation that can cause bleaching and dulling of the paint.

This is what we do when applying PPS® Ceramic

Firstly, we thoroughly hand wash your car and use a clay bar procedure to remove rust particles and tar stains from the paint. Our PPS®-certified auto care specialists polish and inspect the paint before applying the treatment in multiple steps. Unique for PPS® Ceramic is that we also treat all exterior plastic parts such as mouldings and headlight lenses, surfaces that otherwise often are left completely unprotected against UV-bleaching. After this, the paint sealant is left to cure before we go through our careful quality check procedures. The PPS®-treatment takes about 24 hours to carry out and during that time we offer you a courtesy car, free of charge.

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Good to know about ceramic paint sealants

Ceramic paint sealants provide a hard coating on the car’s paint. This hard surface also needs to have a flexible structure. If a low-quality paint sealant is applied the hard surface structure may cause cracking of the paint over time.

Ceramic paint sealants may contain environmental and or work environment hazardous substances such as solvents or nanoparticles. PPS® Ceramic is completely free from hazardous solvents or nanoparticles, which makes the product better for both the workplace and for the environment.

Many ceramic coatings promise long-lasting durability of everything between 2–9 years and sometimes with some kind of warranty. However, our experience has shown that these commitments have much left to prove, especially here in our demanding Nordic climate. It is also very difficult to notice if a paint seal no longer protects the paint of the car and for that reason we have carried out very thorough long-term testing on PPS® Ceramic according to EN ISO 11507 Method A, a standard for paint and weather testing. These tests, along with our own real-life testing show that the coating lasts and effectively protects the paint throughout our 3-year or 60000-kilometer warranty period.

Long warranties for ceramic paint sealants are often linked to annual mandatory and costly inspection washes. To keep your car clean and to check the paint regularly is a good thing. PPS® Ceramic will last for 3 years or 60000-kilometers and the warranty will be valid even if you choose to wash yourself. In addition, we provide you with detailed instructions on how to clean and take good care of your car.

The curing time for ceramic paint sealants is often long, which means that a treatment can take more than two days to complete. PPS® Ceramic is developed with the very latest in ceramic paint protection technology and cures very quickly and safely. Therefore, a treatment with PPS® Ceramic does not take longer than conventional paint protection and we only need your car for 24 hours. And of course, we offer you a free courtesy car while you wait.