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Paint sealant

Do I have to clean my car before handing it over for PPS-treatment?2022-11-08T08:37:09+01:00

No, the car does not need to be washed before. We always start by thoroughly cleaning the cars outside. If you have a roof box mounted you will need to remove it.

Do I need to rent a car?2022-11-08T08:38:23+01:00

No. We always offer you a free courtesy car when applying PPS® Original or PPS® Ceramic paint sealants.

How do I best care for my car after the treatment?2022-11-08T08:39:53+01:00

The best way to care for your car is to keep it clean from dirt and road salt. PPS® Original and PPS® Ceramic paint sealants withstand degreasing and all consumer grade cleaning products on the market. We always recommend cleaning your car by hand but PPS® Original and PPS® Ceramic also works well with automatic car washes if you prefer.

Is the paint sealant fully cured when I pick my car up?2022-11-08T08:41:12+01:00

Yes, PPS® Original and PPS® Ceramic both have short curing times and is fully cured when you pick your car up. However, you must wait a few days before washing it after the treatment. Please see your warranty card to find out exactly what conditions apply to your paint sealant.

What happens if my paint is damaged?2022-11-08T08:42:01+01:00

If you specify in your insurance claim that your car is treated with PPS® Original or PPS® Ceramic, most insurance companies will cover the cost of treating the repainted surface. Contact your insurance company for more information.

Why not wax?2022-11-07T20:56:49+01:00

Wax generally provides good protection but only for a very short period. The fact is that wax dissolves and can be washed off, leaving the paint unprotected. In good conditions a traditional wax can offer only 2-4 months of protection.

How do you perform PPS® paint sealing treatments?2022-11-07T20:56:08+01:00

Our PPS® treatments consists of cleaning and sealing. It doesn’t matter if you have a new or a used car, the process always starts with a thorough cleaning and clay bar procedure. If the car is used it also requires polishing to remove oxidation and minor scratches. Our PPS® paint sealants have different application procedures that are performed by our PPS-certified auto care specialists. After application and when the paint sealant has fully cured we give it some final touches and a thorough inspection.

How long will the treatment take?2022-11-07T20:52:00+01:00

PPS® Original is a fast curing paint sealant and we will only need your car for a day. If you have a used car we will need it for about 24 hours. PPS® Ceramic always need to cure overnight and we will need it for 24 hours. Call us with your booking and we will find a suitable time for you and we always offer a free courtesy car when applying our PPS® paint sealants.

Can you remove paint?2023-10-27T15:42:59+02:00

Usually paint can be removed from the paint surface of the car. Sometimes it is enough to clean it off with the appropriate products but often it also requires polishing.

What kind of warranty is offered with paint sealants?2022-11-07T20:51:17+01:00

With our PPS® paint sealants we guarantee you a car that is well protected and easy to clean for a long time. Our ceramic paint sealant PPS® Ceramic comes with a 3 year or up to 60000-kilometer warranty. No maintenance treatments are needed during this period but your car will need to go through a special thorough cleaning at least once a year, a procedure you can perform yourself if you like. For the PPS® Original Paint Sealant we offer a 6-year warranty system. A smaller maintenance treatment is needed every 18 months for the paint sealant to fully protect your paint and for the warranty to be valid.

How does PPS® Original compare to other protective treatments?2022-11-07T20:50:28+01:00

PPS® Original is a tried and tested paint sealant with satisfied users all over the world and the patented formula performs very well in our Swedish climate. It also withstands both degreasing and automatic car wash.

Why do I need a paint sealant?2023-07-28T09:21:39+02:00

All cars, both new and used, have tiny pores in the paint finish that, without treatment, make it vulnerable to exposure from UV-rays, acid rain, road salt and dirt. This exposure penetrates and oxidize the paint and dulls the finish. The best protection is achieved with a durable paint sealant. Our PPS® paint sealants are among the absolute best on the market. Find out more about our paint sealants here…

How does PPS® Ceramic compare to other protective treatments?2022-11-07T20:49:27+01:00

PPS® Ceramic is the latest in ceramic paint sealing technology, specially developed for our demanding Nordic climate and carefully tested using the ISO-standard EN ISO 11507 method A. The hard coating has a unique 3-dimensional structure with flexible bindings that allow the paint sealant to move with the cars paint. This paint sealant is long-lasting and comes with a 3-year or 60000-kilometer warranty without the need for expensive maintenance treatments.

Window Film

Do you mount the window film on the outside?2022-11-07T21:45:27+01:00

No, all window film is mounted on the inside of the window and in one piece with no seams.

What kind of warranty do you offer?2022-11-07T21:46:38+01:00

Our window films come with a seven-year warranty.

What tint should I choose?2022-11-07T21:47:52+01:00

It depends on what your personal preference is. On our window film page you can see a comparison between the different options and you can also see the different options if you visit our store.

How long will it take to apply?2022-11-07T21:48:55+01:00

We will need your car for 24 hours.

Do you mount the window film on the outside?2022-11-07T21:49:52+01:00

No, all window film is mounted on the inside of the window and in one piece with no seams.

Glass treatment

Why treat the windows?2022-11-08T08:45:07+01:00

Our treatment, PPS® Glass, gives your windshield improved wear resistance and water repellence. It also increases the contrast and reduces reflections while driving in rain or at night. Studies show that visibility is improved by up to 34%. In addition to the safety aspects the windshield will be easier to wash, the consumption of washer fluid decreases and it will be easier to scrape off snow and ice during winter.

How is the glass treatment done?2022-11-08T08:46:13+01:00

First we thoroughly clean the window before applying the PPS® Glass treatment in liquid form. It is then left to cure for a while before we clean off any residue and polish the window.

Can PPS® Glass protect against stone chips?2023-07-28T09:23:23+02:00

No the PPS® Glass treatment does not protect against chipping. It is important to repair chips as usual even if you have a glass treatment applied. We offer professional chip repair.

Auto Detailing

Do I need to prepare my car in any way before handing it over for auto detailing?2022-11-08T08:49:09+01:00

For best possible results we recommend that you empty out all of your cars compartments. For us to be able to clean everywhere you also have to remove any child seats, dog cages or similar. All loose objects found in your car during the process will be placed in a bag inside your car.

My car has a bad smell? Can it be removed?2022-11-08T08:55:16+01:00

If your car has a bad smell there is always a source. We always start by performing a fabric cleaning before using a biological or chemical odour removal process for best possible results. Please contact us for an evaluation of your problem.

How long can a waxed car stay shiny?2022-11-08T08:56:26+01:00

Compared to the PPS® treatments the wax will dissolve over time. In good conditions it can keep for 2-4 months. The durability of the wax depends on how much the car is used, cleaned or on the weather and road conditions.

I have stains on my car seats. Can they be removed?2022-11-08T08:57:34+01:00

Stains from ice cream, chocolate, coffee etc. can be removed with a fabric cleaning. More stubborn stains from oils or chewing gum among other things can be difficult to completely remove. But let us give it a try.

What do you do at a full audit?2022-11-08T08:59:23+01:00

During a full inspection, we go through the car both inside and out. Read more about what is included here.

Other questions

What cleaning and auto care products do you recommend for my car?2022-11-08T09:00:44+01:00

There are a lot of products available on the market, both good and bad. We have our own series of great auto care products available in our store. Welcome!

How much is the courtesy car?2024-05-16T12:31:32+02:00

We don’t charge you for the courtesy car so the only thing you pay for is gasoline, toll or parking charges and any damages you may have caused to the car. Our courtesy cars are fully insured.

Can you remove cigarette smoke or other difficult odours from my car?2024-05-16T12:32:04+02:00

Odours can be difficult to get rid off and sometimes even impossible. Through fabric cleaning and a biological or chemical odour removal process we often achieve great results. Contact us for an evaluation of your car.