Auto detailing for your car

At Waxdepån we are convinced that a well-maintained car holds its value better over the years. So it doesn’t matter if you are preparing to sell or if you just want a clean and shiny car – auto detailing at Waxdepån can make your car feel like new again.

Our most popular auto detailing programs:

Waxdepån auto detailing program

Make your car feel like new again with a complete detailing program with both interior and exterior detailing as well as waxing.
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Waxdepån detailing and PPS® protection

Our complete auto care program to both recreate and preserve that new car look with professional detailing and PPS® protective treatments.
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Car wash

Exterior detailing always starts with a thorough hand wash with clay bar procedure to remove rust particles and tar stains.

Paint polishing

A careful multi step polishing procedure that removes oxidation and minor scratches from the paint to bring back its shine.

Headlight restoration

Clear your fogged or yellowed headlight lenses for a safer and better looking car.
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Wax program

After a thorough hand wash and clay bar procedure we apply shine and gloss with a high quality wax. The program can also be combined with polishing.

Protective treatments

It’s important to protect your cars paint. The best protection is achieved with a PPS® paint sealant.
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Odor removal

Does your car have an unpleasant smell?
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