Detailing and PPS® Protection Program

This is the perfect program to recreate and preserve the look and feel of a new car. We do a thorough inspection and cleaning of both the vehicle’s interior and exterior. After that we polish the paint to remove oxidation and scratches before finally applying protective treatments to both the inside and outside of your car.

Here’s what we do:

Exterior detailing

Hand wash and Clay bar procedure
Flushing the wheel arches
Cleaning of rims and tires
Applying tire shine
Cleaning of door openings and sills
Engine bay wipe down

Multi step polishing procedure to remove oxidation and minor scratches

Interior detailing

Interior cleaning
Cleaning and vacuuming the interior and luggage compartment
Cleaning the dashboard and plastic details
Cleaning and treatment of rubber mats
Cleaning the windows

Fabric or Leather cleaning of seats, carpets and luggage compartment

Protective Treatments

Applying PPS® Original or PPS® Ceramic paint sealants
Applying PPS® Glass window treatment
Applying PPS® Fabric or PPS® Leather treatment to seats and carpets

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