CERASEAL™ – Paint treatment

Better than wax, cheaper than a paint sealant

Ceraseal™ is a ceramic paint treatment that makes your car Easy-2-Clean and also offers far better protection than wax. The treatment makes the paint water repellant which keeps dirt from sticking to the surface. Ceraseal™ is a very durable treatment and can withstand degreasing. Your car can be treated with Ceraseal™ regardless of its condition but the treatment itself wont improve on the gloss of the paint. If needed you can complement the treatment with a polishing to enhance the paint finish.

How Ceraseal™ works

Ceraseal™ creates a durable and completely transparent top layer of silicon dioxide (SiO2) that gives your car a hydrophobic water repellent surface. This top layer covers the microscopic pores existing in the paint surface and prevents dirt from getting in and sticking to the paint. The effect is a Easy-2-Clean car with a far more durable protection than wax.

Environmentally friendly

Ceraseal™ is 100% organic, completely free from nano particles. The treatment is based on the mineral silica which is one of the most common minerals on earth.


Ceraseal™ gives your car a water repellent surface that prevents dirt from sticking to the paint. This makes your car easier to wash and you wont have to clean it as often.

Features for Ceraseal™ – paint treatment

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