5 reasons to tint with window film

UV-Protection and a Cooler Car

Our tinted window film rejects 99% of UV-rays and up to 57% of heat coming through your windows. It is not just rear seat passengers who benefit from the effect; the driver’s environment will also improve with the air conditioning needing to produce less cold air on sunny days.

Shatter Protection

Window Films makes car windows harder to smash and acts as shatter protection which reduces the risk of glass splinters in your car during collisions or “Smash and grab” burglaries.

Stylish and Trouble-Free

With tinted window film, you get stylish and trouble-free shades. No rattling plastic sheets or loose sunshades falling down. Washing is carried out as usual and windows can be hoisted up and down without damage to the film.

More Comfortable Night Driving

With a tinted back window, headlights of following vehicles won’t bother you as much while driving at night.

Seven-Year Warranty

All window films are coated with extra strong, anti-scratch protection and we offer a full 7-year warranty.