How long has it been since you had your car seats cleaned?

The answer is likely to be: ”A long time ago” or even ”Never”.

Your car’s upholstery is subjected to greater strain than you think because of dust, spills and dirt. We clean your upholstery in depth with a steam vacuum cleaner that uses hot water and mild detergents. The method is very effective and will remove most stains.

The dirt on leather upholstery is mostly visible on light colours and you might be fooled into thinking that your dark leather seats are not as dirty. Leather dries out over time and with dirt the risk of cracking of the leather increases.

Leather cleaning

Textile washing

Protect your newly cleaned seats

After the leather has been cleaned it is unprotected and must be treated in some way. We recommend a protective treatment using PPS® Leather that not only moisturises the leather keeping it soft and flexible but also protects it from staining. Even fabric upholstery benefits from a protective treatment that makes it easy to keep clean and prevents permanent stains. For that we use PPS® Fabric.

Let us tell you what we can do for your car!

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