You who visit Waxdepån’s website uses cookies, tracking and stores IP numbers. We anonymize all data and do not handle any data on an individual level. You can turn off tracking the first time you visit our website, and you can block cookies in your browser settings. Read more here.


Cookies that WordPress and our server use to make the page work and be fast. These cookies are not linked to your identity or your IP number, but create a random number that cannot be traced.

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Tracking, via so-called pixels, is a method of “following” visitors on the website so that your online habits can control which advertisements you are allowed to see. You who, for example, often visit travel sites, will receive more advertisements about travel. And you, who are never interested in boats, will not receive boat ads. We use tracking so that whoever has shown an interest in Waxdepån.

On Waxdepån’s website there are pixels from:

Facebook. So that we can direct advertising on Facebook to the IP numbers that have visited Waxdepån’s website. Waxdepån does not handle any information about people or what they do on Facebook. Facebook complies with the applicable data protection law in the EU and will comply with the GDPR.

Google. We use Google Analytics to analyze and develop Waxdepån’s website. We anonymize the IP addresses so that these cannot be linked to individuals.