More than just paint protection

PPS® is a long-lasting paint sealant that works well with degreasing and all car cleaning products available on the consumer market. You can even use an automatic car wash if you prefer. PPS® is the world’s only patented paint sealant and it is used in over 30 countries. The unique properties and durability of the 2-component paint sealant is obtained in the patented process that chemically fuses a durable shield to the original finish like no other paint protection can.

This is how PPS® works

Sealing the paint with PPS® is a multi-step process. To begin with, the polarizer opens the pores of the paint and imparts a positive charge to the surface. The paint sealant contains P.T.F.E. (Polytetrafluoroethylene), a very slippery substance often used for its non-stick properties. The P.T.F.E is negatively charged and is thus pulled into the pores of the paint. The paint surface hardens and gets a deeper gloss and lustre along with significantly improved resistance to dirt and oxidation.

PPS Paint Sealant

This is what we do when applying PPS® Original.

Firstly, we thoroughly hand wash your car and use a clay bar procedure to remove rust particles and tar stains from the paint. If it is a used car it will also go through a careful polishing procedure that removes oxidation and minor scratches from the paint. Then our PPS®-certified auto care specialists apply the paint sealant with the multi-step procedure. After this, the paint sealant is left to cure before we go through our careful quality check procedures. The PPS®-treatment takes about a day to carry out and during that time we offer you a courtesy car, free of charge.

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